There is no doubt that Facebook has quickly become a very video friendly social network. It seems every time I open up my newsfeed half the posts are either videos or Facebook Live. The question is, if you are operating in a restricted industry such as the Cannabis Industry, how can you use video best for your business? I spent some time thinking up some video ideas for your cannabis business and hope you find them helpful. Those of us using social media marketing for the Cannabis Industry need as much help as we can get for expanding our organic reach.

12 Social Media Video Ideas for Your Cannabis Business

  1. A short video about your favorite strain.
  2. Tips on how to use the trim.
  3. Patient testimonials.
  4. Educational videos about soil choice, nutrients, and lighting.
  5. A favorite recipe for a decadent edible.
  6. How to measure the amount of THC in your product.
  7. Partner with an industry cohort and cross promote each other’s skills.
  8. Share your story – how you got started and what you hope to accomplish.
  9. How-Tos.
  10. Strain and symptom breakdowns – what works for your clients to treat their ailments.
  11. Start a caregiver video blog and document your day-to-day.
  12. Extraction tips, concentrate recipes, and videos explaining your process.

Looking for an easy editing tool? Check out Camtasia (around $99), this editing tool makes editing your videos, adding a graphic, and changing the picture quality easy! As always, remember to consider your security – if you don’t want visitors don’t film in front of the building or other easily identifiable structures.

Remember that video allows you to connect with the community in a way that most other mediums do not – so be yourself and smile. Know that at first, you may feel like an idiot but as time goes on, it will get easier and your newly growing community will thank you!