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Social Impressions is a Maine Based social media marketing agency that specializes in social media for the hospitality industry. We work with hotels, restaurants, and boutique retail shops to help increase their brand connection and personal customer service efforts. If you are looking to find updated information about how to increase your revenue for next year, you have come to the right place. If you are looking for help with getting people to stop looking at your menu through the window, but never walking inside, you have come to the right place. If you are looking to make your customers feel special, important, and connected – you have come to the right place. Need help with something I haven’t written about? Email me at David@

3 Public Speaking Tips from Former White House Correspondent, Bob Berkowitz

Recently I had the opportunity to spend the day with a man who millions of people have watched as a television broadcaster, Bob Berkowitz. Mr. Berkowitz has done some pretty amazing things in his life; ranging from being a founding journalist of CNN, a White House Correspondent during the Reagan Administration, to writing a best-selling book. […]

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How To Make Your Easter Unforgettable (With Social Media)

I come from a decent sized family. My mom gave birth to four boys whose ages range wildly, I’m convinced that we were planned in sets – the first two, Don and Tom and then the last two Mike and David (me). I like to think that the decision was made that they needed to […]

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Effective May Not Be Trendy

Recently I took a trip a few hours north for a speaking engagement. About halfway there I stopped at a well-known

truck stop for a cup of coffee and snack. While filling my styrofoam cup I noticed a QR code on the side of the cup and was a little surprised to see it there. I […]

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Facebook’s “Paper” App – What It Means for Business Owners

Of Facebook’s 1.23 billion monthly active users, 945 million of them are using a mobile device to access their profile and newsfeed (according to a December Facebook press release). So guess what? Facebook just launched another mobile app for iPhones to try and make your Facebook experience that much better and more engaging.

Called “Paper” this […]

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How to Use Snapchat for Business

 Adding mobile applications to your business is important to stay ahead of the competition. By sending a photo or video that will disappear shortly after being viewed, the consumer is spurred into action. Snapchat can be used to deliver photos, videos and text messages to consumers. Currently, Snapchat logs over 400 million messages every day.

There […]

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How to Properly Size Images for Your Facebook Page

How to Properly Size Images for Your Facebook Page

When most users upload a photo onto Facebook, they don’t really think about the size of the image they’re using. Remember, though, that if a picture is too small or too large, it will be stretched or compressed to fit Facebook’s specific dimensions. When it comes to […]

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Understanding the Different Types of Facebook Ads

As Facebook continues to dominate the social media landscape, so do its advertising options for brands. Many ad opportunities allow you to personalize your campaigns and reach out to the right audiences, thereby driving sales and improving ROI. It can be difficult to keep track of the plethora of ad types, so we’re here to […]

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Top 10 Twitter Terms Explained

Navigating the Twitterverse for the first time can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know what any of the terminology means. There’s a lot of lingo specific to Twitter users, and they’re important if you want to learn the ropes of what Twitter is all about. Don’t worry – it’s easier to become familiar with […]

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3 Things to Know about Facebook

When I’m not chugging Mountain Dew and choking down protein bars you can find me speaking around New England about using social media more effectively for business. Below are 3 things I think everyone should know about Facebook.

1.    You can control who sees what you post.

Ever wonder why your kid’s name and postings don’t appear […]

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Calculating the Reward of Risk

 I am not sure where I got my addiction for projects, businesses, and personal growth. I started my first business when I was around 12 years old when I convinced a gentleman with a very large estate in Windham to let me mow his lawn and also install his fresh sod. I would ride […]

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