Weakness into Strength

 I realized a long time ago that there were many things I will never be good at. I also realized long ago that some of the things I was not good at I could learn to be better at if I was willing to put in some time and effort. I thought I would list […]

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5 Ways to Increase Special

One day I hope to be known as the guy who taught companies, entrepreneurs, and like-minded people – about Special. I learned the value of special as a child thanks to various creative things my mother would do to make me realize how special I was to her. I learned more about special when I began my […]

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Life Lessons from a Chihuahua

One of my greatest friends was originally from Mexico, had short blonde hair, and loved to tongue kiss. Her name was Gizmo and she was a Jimmy Dean type sausage-shaped chihuahua and she would roll onto her white fur covered side whenever you went to show her affection. Not only did she love to lick, she loved and I […]

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Four Things to Never Catch Yourself Saying

1. I don’t want to talk about what I am knowledgeable about because there are so many other people with a lot more knowledge. This statement can feel so true! I feel this way a lot, and battle it almost daily. There are so many business consultants that know a whole lot more than me […]

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3 Great Spots for Blog Idea’s

I struggle with being consistent with my blog, I guess to say it better – I struggle with allocating time for my blog. Below are three area’s I sometimes go to when I think I have nothing to write about.

1. My Inbox: Fairly often I am emailed by a client with one of the same […]

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10 ways to use Facebook Scheduled Posts

Earlier this week I promised I would provide you a list of 10 ways to use Facebook Scheduled Posts. Below you will find my idea’s and suggestions! Comment below and let me know what I left out.


You know those monthly promo’s your business does that you forget to promote on Facebook till 8 hours before….yeah, […]

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What should I post to social networks?

Last week I met with a potential new client and the prospect’s very first question was “I just don’t know what I should post to my social networks?” This question/comment is very typical and I thought perhaps some of my reader’s struggle with the same challenge. Below are 3 idea’s to help you generate content for […]

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Kickstarter Success

Periodically as owner of this website and author of this blog I will take part in a little shameless promotion of either myself or one of my extremely talented brothers. This article just happens to be about the success my brother (Mike Pride) has had with raising over $6,000 through to help him produce […]

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Straight Talk with RaveX

Periodically I hear of a company that is doing some great things or growing in exciting ways.  Rave X is one of those companies. I happened to go to school with one of the owners and am excited that this Maine company is growing and has big plans for the future. If you are […]

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Why Maine is my home

A little over two years ago I was laid off from a job I absolutely could not stand in Charleston, South Carolina. The lay off came as a total surprise and the only head’s up I had was slimy text I received from my manager at 3am letting me know “We […]

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