Straight Talk with RaveX

Periodically I hear of a company that is doing some great things or growing in exciting ways.  Rave X is one of those companies. I happened to go to school with one of the owners and am excited that this Maine company is growing and has big plans for the future. If you are […]

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Why Maine is my home

A little over two years ago I was laid off from a job I absolutely could not stand in Charleston, South Carolina. The lay off came as a total surprise and the only head’s up I had was slimy text I received from my manager at 3am letting me know “We […]

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Be Fair, Be Honest, and Kick Butt!

Odds are, if you have been to a function in Maine that required Audio Visual assistance, you have heard Dan Willis’ work. Personally I have known Dan for over 5 years due to my hospitality career and also other business ventures. His reputation is great and his work ethic and proven results are wonderful. According […]

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20 Tips for the busy business owner

Business owner’s work crazy hours and have a very limited amount of down time. Below is a list of 20 things you can do with social media and with your business in general to increase your exposure and pick up some new customers.

1. Post about the history of your business.

2. Tweet a daily tip having to do […]

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My 3 Words

The gifted internet teacher, thought leader, and author Chris Brogan makes a challenge every year to his followers to come up with 3 words that they will focus on for 2012. His philosophy is that focusing on 3 words is a much more effective way of “resolutions” than saying “I want to quit smoking.” I agree with […]

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Google Plus Marketing

Google Plus (Google+) is the newest elephant in the room that many hospitality professionals are choosing to ignore due to their “lack of time” to manage another social network. Many are choosing to simply disregard it, while some choose to make fun of it saying it will be another technology that Google will eventually kill […]

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Money Making Advice

I have been very fortunate to have been able to surround myself with some pretty impressive mentors from all walks of life. Some I talk with almost daily, others monthly, and one – just once a year. Either way, their advice has proven priceless over the years and I thought I would share some of […]

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