Finding Your Purpose In Life

Finding your purpose in life can seem like a never-ending search for the fountain of youth. When I was growing up I was under the impression that God gives everyone a purpose (which I believe he does) and eventually there is an epiphany moment when the clouds clear, the heavens open wide, and a deep voice […]

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What Is Alzheimer’s Like?

I’ll warn you ahead of time, this blog has nothing to do with business – but for me, business, life, and spare time all mesh. I think a lot of my followers have been touched by Alzheimer’s and wonder what it’s like. I asked my Mom this very question two years ago and here’s […]

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What Cancer Taught Me about Business

 About 11 years ago I was lying under a bench press in the basement gym of my parent’s home when I felt a lump about the size of a golf ball. I was not the least bit alarmed – lumps are normal when living a very active lifestyle. It wasn’t until about six months later […]

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Giving Your All Without Giving Up – The Toughest Part of Being a Cancer Survivor

I recently had the opportunity to connect with a friend from high school who like me, is a cancer survivor. We met for a bite to eat and to talk about where life had taken us over the past eight years. When we got around to chatting about the “C” word we both agreed that […]

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Life Lessons from a Chihuahua

One of my greatest friends was originally from Mexico, had short blonde hair, and loved to tongue kiss. Her name was Gizmo and she was a Jimmy Dean type sausage-shaped chihuahua and she would roll onto her white fur covered side whenever you went to show her affection. Not only did she love to lick, she loved and I […]

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Four Things to Never Catch Yourself Saying

1. I don’t want to talk about what I am knowledgeable about because there are so many other people with a lot more knowledge. This statement can feel so true! I feel this way a lot, and battle it almost daily. There are so many business consultants that know a whole lot more than me […]

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Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Social Media

Lately there have been a lot of things on my mind. My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, my wife has had roughly a bazillion eye surgeries (okay, maybe 3) and I was working on a major business deal that potentially could change my life – that has been put off till May of […]

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What should I post to social networks?

Last week I met with a potential new client and the prospect’s very first question was “I just don’t know what I should post to my social networks?” This question/comment is very typical and I thought perhaps some of my reader’s struggle with the same challenge. Below are 3 idea’s to help you generate content for […]

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Kickstarter Success

Periodically as owner of this website and author of this blog I will take part in a little shameless promotion of either myself or one of my extremely talented brothers. This article just happens to be about the success my brother (Mike Pride) has had with raising over $6,000 through to help him produce […]

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Social Media Support

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that Social Media is not “personal” enough to maintain relationships on – I would be a rich man. Not only that but I would challenge that person to visit my Facebook page on the day of my Birthday, May 22nd and see the support […]

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