The Most Popular Twitter Terms Defined

It seems like every day there is a new term or buzzword with social media, so we thought it would be smart of us to take a moment and explain the most commonly used Twitter terms and their definitions. Check out the list below and if we let anything out – leave it in the […]

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12 Online Video Ideas for Your Cannabis Business

There is no doubt that Facebook has quickly become a very video friendly social network. It seems every time I open up my newsfeed half the posts are either videos or Facebook Live. The question is, if you are operating in a restricted industry such as the Cannabis Industry, how can you use video best […]

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How To Retrieve Your Facebook Password (A Few Options)

We’ve all been there. Sitting at the computer with a blank stare on your face as Facebook asks you for your login and password. Password, who remembers their password now-a-days? Doesn’t everyone just save it and use the auto-login option…or whatever happens to magically make our Newsfeed appear? In short, No. Here’s what […]

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Social Media For Churches

Many churches are run by a generation that does not understand social media and how to use it effectively. But, social media can get your church the exposure that you need to build your congregation and get your message out to the public. If you have tried to build a social media presence but it […]

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How To Download a Video From Facebook

Recently a client called me and asked, “How do I download a video from of Facebook so that I can upload it again someplace else?” The answer to me seemed pretty obvious – just right click and choose “save” – right?


If you simply right click a video on Facebook and choose to “save as” you […]

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How To Request Your Account Be Verified By Twitter

A common question I get from my clients is how to get their Twitter account verified. The question is usually presented something like this: “How can I get that little blue check next to my Twitter profile?”

The little blue check they are referring to is the signification that your Twitter account […]

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How Social Media Helps Army Wives

My husband enlisted in the Army almost seven years ago this fall. We had been together for a few years and decided to get married before he headed off to basic training. The day came for him to leave and I felt like my whole world was turned upside down. I had no idea what […]

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3 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Retail Business

Not too long ago Facebook rolled out their answer to Periscope, Blab, and Meerkat – Facebook Live. This new service allows users to stream live broadcasts direct from their mobile device to their Facebook followers.

Not many people had heard of Facebook Live until the House Democrats used it to live-stream their sit-in – this live […]

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Finding Your Purpose In Life

Finding your purpose in life can seem like a never-ending search for the fountain of youth. When I was growing up I was under the impression that God gives everyone a purpose (which I believe he does) and eventually there is an epiphany moment when the clouds clear, the heavens open wide, and a deep voice […]

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My Biggest Business Challenge Yet

For the past 13 days, I have faced the largest challenge of my entrepreneurial career. It is one that no business guru could have prepared me for and one that I never really considered when I struck out on my own. It has required almost all my energy, thinking, and time and has resulted […]

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