Meet the dynamic Social Impression team!

David Pride
Chief Relationships Officer
David became involved with social media marketing in 2010 when Facebook launched business pages. Fresh off a recent layoff and in the middle of a horrible economy David knew that it would be tough to find a job, so he better create one. David's first ever consulting client was CHIPCO International, the world's second largest poker chip manufacturer. You can find David on most days in his backyard where he raises chickens, numerous vegetables, and a handful of fur kids with his wife.
Erin Pride
Finance Manager
Erin is responsible for all things involving finance at Social Impressions. Erin has a passion for all creatures big and small and holds a degree in Veterinary Technology. When not working she can be found walking her Pomeranian, Cherry or knee deep in crochet supplies.
Oriana Ballard
Content and Web Manager
Oriana is responsible for the assistance and implementation of web content for Social Impressions. Having over 15 years experience in web administration, design, marketing and media she is able to fully assist in multiple aspects of business. She holds a degree in Mass Communications and Applied Technology and is passionate about growing business through cultivating ideas.
Lindsey Nadeau-Thistle
Content and Relationships Strategist
Lindsey focuses her time at Social Impressions on creating engaging content for clients, flashy artwork, and did we mention she's a Pinterest master?! Lindsey is the Mom of Falynn a superstar 3-year-old and the wife of Tucker, who is currently serving in the United States Army.
Maninder Singh
South Asian Web Specialist
Maninder has been with Social Impressions since 2011 and has become a loyal friend and constituent to the Social Impressions family. Maninder has clients around the globe and brings immeasurable value to all relationships. When not collaborating with Social Impressions you can find him with his wife and family traveling across India and exploring the country.