Falynn on Skype with Daddy while he serves our country.

Falynn on Skype with Daddy while he serves our country.

My husband enlisted in the Army almost seven years ago this fall. We had been together for a few years and decided to get married before he headed off to basic training. The day came for him to leave and I felt like my whole world was turned upside down. I had no idea what to expect as a military wife and I really had no one I knew going through the same thing who I could relate to (or so I thought). I felt very alone at the beginning. Now, after going through multiple deployments I want to go back and shake my dramatic self. Him being in basic training was really the easiest part!

The first thing I did was take to the internet. I researched and googled EVERYTHING. Every word, phrase, picture, anything that had to do with army life. I knew absolutely nothing.

Along the way, I found a forum called Army Wife Network. This was such a great tool to have for support and information. The Army Wife Network is a group of Army wives that either had husbands in basic or that had already graduated, discussing feelings, expectations, etc. It was amazing. I made some really good friends on there who I still communicate with today. That website got me through those four months of basic training.

Once he graduated and was given his first duty station, which was 2,500 miles away from home, I really relied on social media more than ever. Facebook has kept me connected over the years with all my family and friends from back home and at other duty stations.

Facebook chat and Skype were also my saviors both times my husband was deployed. My daughter would have breakfast dates with daddy on Skype, which eased the pain of him being gone. Getting to fill him in on our days or new things Falynn was doing helped him not feel like he was missing out on her growing up.

Facebook groups are also a huge help. Generally, at each duty station, there are wives group pages. Though they can become catty at times I always pick a few to join. It’s great for connecting and making friends with fellow wives or for learning about the area.

One last area I want to touch on quickly is Instagram. The only thing I enjoyed about deployments was decorating care packages for my soldier. I found a great page on Instagram called Creative Care Packages. They are always posting tips, tricks, ideas, and recipes.

A care package for Daddy from me and Falynn.

A care package for Daddy from me and Falynn.

Social media is something I don’t think I could live without as this lifestyle can be very lonely without the support of others especially when your soldier is often gone. It has helped me stay connected, make friends and is a great resource of information for all the things nobody tells you when your loved one enlists.


LindseyLindsey is Content and Relationships Strategist at Social Impressions and as you have read above, a proud Army Wife. Her husband serves our country in the US Army. You can follow more of Lindsey’s crafty projects by checking out her personal blog here: Leave It 2 Lindsey.