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David Pride Professional Social Media Speaker

David A. Pride is a professional speaker and presenter on the subjects of social media marketing, social media strategy, and using the internet to connect better with prospects and clients. His speaking career has taken him around the world, even to the Arctic town of Iqaluit, Nunavut where he spoke about using social media to grow local businesses and the economy.

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Social Media Topics

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Allow David to shed some light on the often misunderstood and overcomplicated world of social media. Within this presentation, David will cover various tools, tactics, and tips that can make social media marketing a whole lot easier to understand for the average person.

Social Media Tools for the Marketer with Zero Budget and No Time

Remember when social media didn’t cost anything and all you needed to do was post a cute cat meme to your Facebook page to start getting Likes and engagement? Those were the days and those days are gone! In this presentation, David will share with the crowd the latest and least expensive tools that a marketing professional can use to promote their product or service through social media.

Social Media for Causes and Movements

Social Media has inspired change around the world and in this presentation David will inspire you to take advantage of the power of social media to cause change in your world too! By offering examples, stories, advice, and real-world tactics David will teach the audience how social media can effect change in their social, political, educational, and local communities. Social media for Causes and Change is ideal for political, non-profit, or niche’ organizations looking to become more inspired and educated about social media. This program is designed to showcase the value of social media and what it can do to bring change to your community. David will share up-to-date stories of changes that have been inspired by social media and then walk through how anyone can do the same. He will also share his personal journey of meeting some of today’s most influential business people through social media such as; Steve Wozniak, Waleed Rashed, Founder of TedTalks Richard Wurman, and more!

Curious what other people think of David’s presentations? Below are a handful of testimonials and recommendations.

Thank you! Today was perfect! The kids each pulled something different from your talk, which is perfect. You covered exactly the things we talked about (bullying, motivation, goal setting) and pulled them together in a creative way that kept the kids laughing, kept their attention, and helped them learn when they didn’t even realize they were learning.

– Kara Boone, Freeport Middle School – Jobs For Maine Grads

David is an expert on the topic of social media and his ability to convey those concepts through his public speaking abilities is great! More importantly, he can show you how using these tools can be a part of creating your business success.

– Susan Ouellette, Manager of HR – Kleinschmidt Associates

David kept the audience engaged with real life relevant examples – it was informative and more importantly enjoyable. I will definitely bring David back as a speaker again soon.

– William Beck, Director of Recruitment – Maine Energy Marketers Association

David’s presentation was inspirational, humorous and filled with practical information students could apply immediately. I will definitely bring him back and would recommend him to any group looking for an engaging, knowledgeable social media speaker.

– Michelle Neujahr, Southern Maine Community College

You killed it today! You really kept their attention and that’s hard to do – especially in the finance sector when you’re talking about social media. Loved the energy!

– Rhonda Small – New England Mortgage Association

Along with providing valuable and concise business info and tips to leaders from a wide range of industries, he was engaging and humorous, keeping our interest while piquing questions and soliciting feedback. Respectful public speakers who know how to engage their audiences are not as common as you might think, and Dave really brings it.

– Deelight Zitzelberger, Training Coordinator – LEAP

A Few of the Clients Who Have Hired David

  • Baffin Chamber of Commerce, Iqaulit Nunavut
  • Petroleum Marketer’s Association of America
  • Maine Historical Society
  • Human Resources Association
  • Arizona Petroleum Marketer’s Association
  • Portland Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
  • Windham Assembly of God Youth Group
  • Southern Maine Community College
  • Maine Energy Marketer’s Association Executive Council
  • Maine Mortgage Professionals
  • University of Southern Maine
  • Windham Weaponry
  • Lewiston/Auburn Rotary
  • A Different Journey Inc.
  • Sebago Lakes Chamber of Commerce

Social Media Marketing Made Simple

Increasing the Value of Special

In this talk David Pride, Chief Relationships Officer of Social Impressions explains how to use Social Media to grow your business and increase customer relations. Watch this presentation to learn about Facebook, Twitter, Hootsuite and other great social media tools.

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