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Professional Youth Speaker and Entrepreneur

David Pride Professional Youth SpeakerHi, I am David Pride and I have a passion for inspiring young people to live their best life possible. I talk with teens about successes and failures and what to do when everything in life seems to be going wrong.  I am passionate about helping young people navigate the emotions of depression, sadness, and frustration and how to turn that negative energy into fuel to chase their dreams.

I recognize that life isn’t easy for young adults today. Teens live in a world of constant comparison where their own life just doesn’t compare to that of the celebrities or the internet famous. I teach young people how to navigate those feelings and how to keep pushing forward when everything is pushing back.

I first spoke as a professional youth speaker when I was in college and battling cancer. During the time I had Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Disease and was asked to share about my journey. During the talk, I realized that the season of pain and fear that I was currently experiencing was also helping to develop a message of hope and promise. Hope for tomorrow that life still can get better, and a promise that if I seek improvement each day, I won’t be let down.

“David’s presentation was inspirational, humorous and filled with practical information students could apply immediately. I will definitely bring him back and would recommend him to any group looking for an engaging, knowledgeable speaker.”

– Michelle Neujahr, Southern Maine Community College

Professional Youth Speaker David Pride at Freeport Middle School:

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“Thank you! Today was perfect! The kids each pulled something different from your talk, which is perfect. You covered exactly the things we talked about (bullying, motivation, goal setting) and pulled them together in a creative way that kept the kids laughing, kept their attention, and helped them learn when they didn’t even realize they were learning.”

– Kara Boone, Freeport Middle School – Jobs For Maine Grads

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A bit about David:

David A. Pride is a professional speaker whose talks on youth entrepreneurship, social media marketing, and client engagement have taken him across the country and around the world. David’s memorable hairstyle makes him stand out in a crowd, but it’s his big smile and uniquely entertaining and informative approach that have inspired audiences as far away as Iqaluit, Nunavut—a town in the Arctic Circle where David spoke about growing the local economy using social media.

As a professional youth speaker, David shares his personal story as a cancer survivor and young entrepreneur to inspire young people to set goals and pursue their dreams no matter what adversity and challenges lie in their path.

David owns Social Impressions, a Social Media Marketing Agency that specializes in creating engaging and strategic social media content.

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