Finding Your Purpose In Life

Finding your purpose in life can seem like a never-ending search for the fountain of youth. When I was growing up I was under the impression that God gives everyone a purpose (which I believe he does) and eventually there is an epiphany moment when the clouds clear, the heavens open wide, and a deep voice […]

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What Is Alzheimer’s Like?

I’ll warn you ahead of time, this blog has nothing to do with business – but for me, business, life, and spare time all mesh. I think a lot of my followers have been touched by Alzheimer’s and wonder what it’s like. I asked my Mom this very question two years ago and here’s […]

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Don’t Be a Jerk (when sending email)

I’m a sensitive Suzy, I’ll admit it. I take things personally sometimes that shouldn’t be taken personally and my feelings get hurt if someone tells me I suck at something that I think I’m great at. I think the sensitivity comes from being a very passionate person who knows just one speed limit, 100mph. Naturally […]

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What Chickens Know About Social Media

Many of you know that I am a wanna-be farmer. If you add up the various animals we cater too you would find a list that I believe would make Noah proud. Starting in the house we have one Pomeranian, one Yorkiepoo, two cats, and one beta fish. As we venture to the backyard the fun […]

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3 Public Speaking Tips from Former White House Correspondent, Bob Berkowitz

Recently I had the opportunity to spend the day with a man who millions of people have watched as a television broadcaster, Bob Berkowitz. Mr. Berkowitz has done some pretty amazing things in his life; ranging from being a founding journalist of CNN, a White House Correspondent during the Reagan Administration, to writing a best-selling book. […]

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Effective May Not Be Trendy

Recently I took a trip a few hours north for a speaking engagement. About halfway there I stopped at a well-known

truck stop for a cup of coffee and snack. While filling my styrofoam cup I noticed a QR code on the side of the cup and was a little surprised to see it there. I […]

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You Need to Know This About Twitter

Not too long ago if someone asked if you were on Twitter you may suspect they were using slang for some sort of drug or perhaps digging for a reference having to do with Tweety Bird. Now a days when people ask if they can reach you via Twitter, you probably know what they mean. […]

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4 Ways To Be an Awesome Intern

Roughly 11 years ago I was charting out my career path at the University of Southern Maine, and came across a snag in my plan – I needed to land an internship. It was a requirement of the class I was taking and I had no idea where to turn. I was not focused enough […]

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Giving Your All Without Giving Up – The Toughest Part of Being a Cancer Survivor

I recently had the opportunity to connect with a friend from high school who like me, is a cancer survivor. We met for a bite to eat and to talk about where life had taken us over the past eight years. When we got around to chatting about the “C” word we both agreed that […]

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3 Marketing Lessons I have Learned from Listening to Elvis

Elvis was one of my favorite artists to listen to when I was a child. My oldest brother Don introduced me to Elvis at a very young age. I believe it was “Teddy Bear” that won me over, then “All Shook Up” and then “Return to Sender.” By the age of 10 I had read, […]

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