Pinterest gets over 1,500,000 hits a day. With this many visits brands are sure to take advantage of the traffic Pinterest offers. Below is a list of some brands using Pinterest in a very cool way. Check out their boards, see what they are doing and hop on the train.

  • Men’s Health Magazine – At the time of this article Men’s Health has 6 boards for their followers to choose from and a community of just 76 followers. “The Ultimate Grooming Guide”  offers everything you have ever wanted to know about grooming as a man. With the magic of Pinterest the reader can click the photo of Tom Ford Cologne, and be instantly whisked away to an article about men’s cologne and the various scents of the month. Another great idea – when I clicked one of their pictures it took me to a landing page offering me a free one month subscription. Other cool boards that Men’s Health Magazine offers is, Looks of the week, Must Have Styles, Men’s Health Covers, Look and Learn, and Infographics.
  • Paula Deen – Much the opposite of protein shakes and creatine, we find Paula Deen with over 23 boards and just under 34,000 followers. Her boards offer great looking pictures of all those wonderful comfort foods that Paula Deen creates. Click a picture and be taken away to her recipe, like the looks of the Turducken? Share it with a friend by repinning it.
  • Betsy White Stationary – This is a company that I have never heard of before Pinterest. I happened to be looking at stationary and came across this brand. Apparently they are popular seeing how they have over 781 followers. I love their Pinterest boards because they use some beautifully colorful pieces from their collection. With over 23 different boards Betsy White offers a great variety of pins to check out.

What I have found so cool about Pinterest is just how search friendly it is, and how I have been able to find some great gift idea’s that I would have never even known about. From the search bar you can browse gifts ranging in price from $1-$500+. I also see the huge potential that small business’s have by utilizing Pinterest as a way to spread their message and gain exposure of their brand and website. Below are a few idea’s for some industry’s I think could take advantage of Pinterest.

  • Restaurants – Looking to drive traffic to your restaurant website? Try pinning photo’s of your specialty dishes, or pinning a video of your chef making a delectable dish.
  • Hotels – Is there any better way to sell your guest rooms, and function space other than showing the actual rooms? Why not post photo’s of your beautiful honeymoon suite, pictures linking to romance packages, video’s linking to your concierge talking about your amazing city.
  • Pet Stores – This subject is close to my heart seeing how my mother in law and my wife have a shop here in Maine, Paws Applause (shameless plug for my wife). Every boutique pet supply store has signature products and super cute services. Why not post pictures of those fresh treats you just baked, linking them to your website so your customer can purchase them and also get familiar with your website.
  • Musicians – If I were a musician I would be pinning video’s of my band, photo’s of our CD’s and PR photo’s – all linking back to my website and where the interested Pinterest user can buy my CD.

Pinterest offers some great tools for all brands. I encourage you to begin exploring what Pinterest can do for your company. Please tell me, what brands do you follow?